I'll admit it.  Sometimes y'all West Coast people get it right.  Take breakfast for example.  I know you don't get the whole grits concept but I was thrilled to discover that at least someone out here has figured out how to make biscuits and gravy.

Hubby and I were spending an evening sans kids (and dog) out on the town and made our way to Pacifica.  There we dined at a fine establishment that had a logo reminiscent of a bowling alley - it's called
Nicks at Rockaway Beach.   So after seeing that logo, we knew we were gonna have good eatin' and Nick's did not disappoint. 

The special was none other than biscuits and gravy so of course we ordered it.  The gravy was good ole white sauce, the staple of many a southern dish, and included a passel of lumps indicating that the sauce contained the requisite quota of grease and sausage droppings needed to impart good flavor.  It was delicious. 

Even though the ocean is on the wrong side out here, we were able to dine on our favorite breakfast food and watch the waves from a cozy booth at Nick's.  The service was on par with the best example of southern hospitality and we were as fat and happy as two diners at a Shoney's all-you-can-eat buffet. 

We might just have to stay out here.


I do not see the thrill of throwing a piece of string into some murky water and waiting for some innocent creature to swallow.  How can that be considered a sport? 

I realize that men need some sort of excuse to take off for long periods of time and drink beer but good grief.  Do you really need to buy all of that special equipment just to camouflage a boy’s only drinking binge?  And is it really necessary to have a whole store devoted to your so called hobby?  It's no coincidence that 90% of the inventory in those Bass Pro shops includes some sort of beverage handling device not to mention the boat, which is really nothing more than a safe place to hide your cooler.