Apparently, selling San Quentin is the state of California's latest plan to solve the budget crisis. So who in the world would want to buy a prison, anyway? Maybe some members of the mafia might have an interest in buying the keys to a few jail cells, but other than criminals, why would anyone want to own a prison?

Can you see the conversation at your next dinner party? What do you do for a living, Joe? "Oh, I own san Quentin. I go down there on the weekends for some good food and entertainment. I'm thinking of switching to a time-share model. People can buy ownership of individual prisoners, or adopt-a-prisoner and give them as gifts for the holidays."

Before the San Quentin thing, there was talk of selling Alcatraz too. Now at least that's an empty prison with some 360 degree ocean views.

I'm starting to think these people in California just don't like to incarcerate people. Good grief, what's next?  Legalized marijuana?



The people in California are really getting freaked out about this whole Swine Flu thing.  I just don't get it.  I mean, what's your beef?  It's not like y'all have a bunch of pigs runnin' around in your front yard. I haven't seen any livestock farms in my neighborhood lately, have you?

I think you need to take a cue from the folks in Myrtle Beach, SC and head on over to the Piggly Wiggly for some barbeque therapy.  And buy yourself one of these t-shirts while you're there. I'm wearin' mine in protest to all the crazy panic.  Gettin' lots of funny looks from the surfer dudes. 

The Other White Meat - who's with me?