Best I can tell, the purpose of going to a desert resort is to sit by the pool. If you have a strong desire to be by water, why wouldn't you just go to the beach?

I just got back from a trip to Palm Springs. I spent most of the time in air conditioning and had a few minutes to relax by the pool but still.

Why do people want to go on a vacation to a desert? We were in a fancy enough hotel but it seemed like its entire purpose was to make us forget we were in a desert. It even had a fake lake with boat rides that went into the lobby of the hotel. And this is exactly what they do in Las Vegas. It's an entirely simulated city with most of the attractions having to do with water.  

So next time, I'm going to go stay at a cheap hotel at the ocean and pretend I'm at a desert. I might wait a couple of hours to drink anything so it's more realistic and I'm good and dry. Then I'll turn up the air conditioner real high and go sit by the pool, all the while imagining I'm in a desert.


Don't let on that I told y'all this.

But it's way past Labor Day and I'm wearing white. I even went out in public in my pretty-as-you-please white pants. And I even went to a nice place, the Target not the Kmart, so that makes it worse.  I might a been OK if today was Big Lots day.  But I had to have a hankerin to go to the fancy Target in Dublin.

And if that weren't trouble enough I was wearing my white pants with a pair of shoes that don't match my handbag. Whatever y'all do, don't tell Mommer n 'em. They already think I've gone Yankee, what with livin' out here on the West Coast 'n all.