What is "Tri-Tip"?  I have never heard of the stuff before and now it is what passes for barbeque out here.  Everywhere I go, people try to serve you beef and call it barbeque.  But this tri-tip thing really floors me.

Let me set the record straight, there is only one kind of real BBQ and it has to involve pork.  There are disputes about the proper kind of sauce (whether it is mustard-based or ketchup-based) and the right kind of coleslaw to accompany it (mustard-based or vinegar-based) but the constant ingredient in the south is pork.   And you must always have a side of over-cooked, bacon flavored green beans to go with it or you just aren't havin' a good meal.  And don't get me started on Brunswick stew.  I can't find it anywhere out here.  Where's a good ole Sonny's BBQ when you need one?  I did finally succeed in locating a spot that had fried okra but  it closed a week later (the owner apparently suffered a heart attack from the greasy fare, but I bet he died happy.)


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