It was pretty interesting to listen to the results rolling in from all of those red states that are my birthplace. But what struck me was how the reporter kept referring to them as "Confederate States."  He also mentioned "Union" states which my husband and I assumed related to the Civil War position taken by the states on the East Coast.  But come to think of it, he might have been referring to states that are heavily unionized. It wasn't clear. Either way, its pretty weird to think those historical divides are still predicting election results in member states. 

It is nice to live in a state in which the decisions of the majority match your individual voting preferences, but I wonder how many people decide where to live based solely on the politics of a region.  I certainly know how it feels to be in the minority where your vote is outnumbered every year.

I think it was telling that Indiana supported Obama - it says volumes about a state that was the birthplace of a movement that fostered racial animosity.

Maybe there is room for moderate rednecks or even bluenecks in this country. Hopefully we can all come together now to start building a nation of star-spangled- and striped- necks that all work together.

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