Why is it that everyone I meet tries to take me to a southern cookin' restaurant? Not a day goes by out here in Napa that I don't have complete strangers hear me utter one or two words and then immediately direct me to the Fremont Diner for southern fried chicken and waffles. (If you ask me it's the milk shakes that are to die for.) I have never in my life actually been served fried chicken and waffles (other than at the Fremont Diner.)  I don't know which part of the south that particular meal comes from, but apparently I've never eaten a meal there. And I have lived in NC, SC, TN and Florida which is the real south, not the fake south like Texas.

Why would I travel to some place new and want everything to be just like the place I had left? If you travel to France, do you spend most of your time trying to find a McDonalds?  OK, maybe that's a bad example. Come to think of it, I might just have a hankerin' to find a McDonalds once I got tired of all the fried snails and under-cooked frog legs and such. 

But back to me and my California surroundin's. Just think about it, I know what southern food tastes like, for gosh sakes. It's what I grew up eatin'. I don't need to go to some high-priced replica of a southern restaurant in the middle of San Franciso to see what that's all about.  Chances are pretty good that whatever poor excuse for southern cookin' you're gonna serve me is not going to be as good as the fried chicken made from my own Momma's little ole cast iron skillet. Fried chicken is something best not tampered with by people who just don't know any better, especially if they aren't serving boiled peanuts as an appetizer.

If you want to try some fancy experimenting with brussel sprouts,  y'all go right ahead and knock yerself out.
2/1/2015 12:55:18 am

Fremont Diner is in Sonoma, dude! That's an hour from San Francisco. French food focuses on grilled steak, chicken, etc and offers a lot more than you might think. But...sounds like you are stuck in a rigid redneck mentality that prevents you from trying new things! Whydya even move to Napa, boy?!


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