I thought fatigue wearing gun slingers who chew tobacco and shoot things were a southern phenomena.  I just found out there are some of those types out here too. Not sure if they wear Berkenstocks when they head out in the woods and they probably eat veggie burgers in the deer stand but they hunt all right.

I haven't seen any o' them Bass Pro Shops out this way though, so they must be kinda secretive and sneaky about their hunting. Come to think of it, I haven't seen very many hunting dogs either. Unless you count those little yippie dogs that get carried around in a Coach purse. Some folks think those dogs are essential for sniffing out the best deal on a new pair of Uggs. I guess they think that is hunting.

But I was down in Carmel Valley over the weekend and heard tell that ground squirrels are a big nuisance in that area . The trick is to get you one of them mean ole cats and let it do the dirty work for you. I just don't get the whole cat thing. Never have liked cats and don't expect to change my mind, but I guess I could be convinced to get one and let it go in the woods as long as it didn't climb up on my counter, I could tolerate it.

Speaking of being in Carmel Valley, there was a bunch of wisteria up there - it almost made me feel like home -  without the humidity and those big giant cockroaches. 

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