I have always liked clam chowder and now find myself in clam chowder mecca.  And not that icky tomato based stuff they sell in New York City.  I'm talking about the cream based delight that you can find at seafood restaurants.  They have clam chowder every where you go in the Bay Area.  I have tried it on the Fisherman's Wharf, in Sausalito, in Tiburon, in Monterey , Carmel, Santa Cruz, Napa, but I have found the best.  It has the perfect consistency and a hint of sausage plus clams that aren't too big and the right amount of salt.  You can find it at Stacey's at Waterford.  The restaurant just happens to be owned by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame and the menus are a riot to read. 

Who would have expected the best chowder to exist in an East Bay restaurant in Dublin, California? 

Now if I could just find some hushpuppies to go with that, I would be happy.

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